Our Story
IPO Trader LLC was founded in March 2017 by Eric Rossi. The company is based out of Pittsburgh, PA.

Our Mission
Our mission is to help individual investors consistently outperform the general market by trading recent IPO stocks. We ultimately want each of our subscribers to become so proficient at trading that they no longer need our service at all.

Our Vision
Our vision is to be recognized as the leading traders of recent IPO stocks.

Our Staff
Eric Rossi is the founder and owner of IPO Trader LLC. Eric started trading in 2001 during the post-Internet boom era. When his first trade in YHOO yielded a 102% return from 2011-2013, he was hooked on trading! However, his overall performance in the market proved to be lackluster as he had not studied the techniques and strategies used by the best traders. After years of under performing the general market averages, he decided to get serious about learning to trade like the best in the business. He read countless books, watched hundreds of webinars, and slowly developed the stock market acumen that is needed to succeed as a full-time trader. He founded IPO Trader LLC while working full-time as an engineering project manager.  Currently, he is an active trader and manages the day-to-day operations of IPO Trader LLC. He is also the co-organizer of the Downtown Pittsburgh Investor’s Business Daily Meetup group.  Eric can be reached by email at eric@ipotraders.com.